the What the Why & the Heart

The What

Essential oils are just that, ESSENTIAL. Plants have graced the earth since the beginning of time. I would even beg to claim they were put here for a purpose. Researchers overtime have discovered that many plants have the unique ability to work symbiotically with our bodies for balance, nourishment and support.

Beyond their beauty, many plants have a distinct and powerful aroma. These aromas can be extracted from the plant by various methods to be bottled and used for our benefit. Though essential oils can be found in historical books in many countries around the world, they are becoming more of a current conversation for our time.

The Why

Nature knows best.

There is a problem:

We have become complacent. We take what’s easy and quick over what may be difficult and long term. We reach for the most simple solution and find ourselves dealing with more problems. We are masking the pain and the suffering rather than getting to the truth behind the pain to resolve it. We aren’t looking into the future and the big picture consequences of our actions, but rather an immediate fleeting bandage to the problem.

we are consumers:

There are thousands of toxins being consumed on a daily basis from skin care and beauty products to home care and household cleaners. We consume medications and foods that don’t react in perfect harmony with our bodies. We are hit by toxins the second we step outside from pollutants and fumes in the air. The question is: What are we doing about it?

A need for change:

The truth is, it starts with us. If each of us take responsibility for our consumption, we have made a difference. Let’s make a choice to be informed. Let’s acknowledge what is going in and on our bodies. Let’s take back control in our homes for what we consume so that we can have a better impact on our lives and those around us.


The reason we are where we are at today is because of influence in major companies who are looking to earn a buck. We may have much of our influence from generational habits and continue to pass on the same habits to our children. It’s time for us to be the new influence. It’s time for us to provide opportunity for health and happiness by leading others to the truth.

It’s time to turn off auto-pilot:

Have you taken a backseat to your health? Have you thrown your hands up with little to no desire left? I know this path isn’t easy, but I do know YOU ARE WORTH IT. No one else will do this for you. You have to make the decision to show up for yourself. This life can only be lived by YOU and YOU can find what you’re searching for if you keep looking.

the Heart

I know what its like to feel hopeless, abandoned and lonely. I know what it’s like to feel depressed, anxious, angry and sad. I know what it’s like to feel like the body I have isn’t mine. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelm and completely check out from daily life. It doesn’t always feel like the cards I was dealt were the right ones. I’ve asked myself “was I a mistake?”

I want you to know that you are not alone. I want you to know that you are worthy, supported and cared for. I want you to know that you matter and have everything within you to be the YOU you were meant to be. You have been given, quite literally, the opportunity of a lifetime!

I have spent the past few years working to believe this about myself and I’m getting somewhere. I know you can too. I would love to be there to support you with the tools and experiences that have graced my life.

From my heart to yours,


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